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Secure Apps that keep Your Mobile Safe

Today all sorts of people are using smartphones for banking transactions, shopping and online payment, but most of them neglect security issues. This makes them face vulnerability to their personal data. These possible damages you may face when you deposit checks on your smartphone, pay for something on a public Wi-Fi network, and give access to your personal info for the downloaded apps. But we can’t tell you should avoid this, in one or another way, you need to give access.
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Today most users are not much worried about apps that get access to their personal data while downloading it. This can be problematic for them as some of these are ad supportive. There is a chance that ad networks can gather whatever info they want and use it for unethical activities. So you need to have mobile apps to avoid these possible damages. Let’s see some top apps in the market that help you be safe from these possible security threats.

1. Clueful

Clueful is an app-scanning service provided by Bitdefender. This app lets you have a complete look at the way your apps use your privacy. It allows users to see any malware or other dangerous software is built into the apps. It also ranks apps based on their access to personal info. Users can trust this app to make apps malware-free.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

2. NowSecure Mobile

As analyst and security expert at PC Magazine, Max Eddy said some phones get affected by malicious software that creates a chance for another person to remotely control the phones. This allows hackers to listen to your phone calls or look into your data. To be prevented from such activities, Eddy suggests NowSecure Mobile app. This app goes through your phone's operating system, network, and other apps, so it can prevent security vulnerabilities. Depending on the vulnerabilities your phone got affected by, the app generates a security score.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

3. Skycure

Today being attacked through public Wi-Fi has also become a major threat for mobile security. As security experts said, public Wi-Fi often invites vulnerabilities. When you connect to public Wi-Fi, hackers can get access to your data by replicating this network in another location. Skycure is the best app in the market which efficiently combats Wi-Fi network attacks. The app scans Wi-Fi networks to check these are vulnerable or not. The app also stores the locations of Wi-Fi networks.

4. Find My Phone (for iOS), and Android Device Manager ​(for Android)

Not just being prevented from online attacks is sufficient enough to avoid security breaches, rather you also need to seriously look into offline attacks. If you lose the device, there is an optimum chance that your data will be hijacked. iPhones are powered with Find My iPhone app, which tracks the location of the missed phone. The app allows users to sign into iCloud and switch on ‘Lost Mode’. This makes the device locked and displays your given contact number on the screen, so who wants to reach the device to the owner can easily do this. This app also have the facility to remotely erase all the data on the device.

For Android users, Android Device Manager app offers the same features and functionalities.

Platform: iOS and Android

Cost: Free


Security issues are no longer a headache just for websites and enterprises, today it is impacting on an every individual. Let yourself choose the best apps you feel you need from the above list and be preventive against the attacks.

To overcome with security issues, many top mobile app development companies in USA and Middle East countries are planning to have a mobile apps that acts as the best firewall protector for their data.

Are you planning to have one such security app? 

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