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Do you think Instant Apps are more useful?

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Digital technology is on the rise, and more and more mobile app development companies are harnessing the benefits of this not-so-ephemeral situation. Mobile app development is now one of the longest standing trends in the digital market scenario, and the latest instalment in its series is Instant Apps. Instant apps are the best example of how technology is evolving to take lesser space, lesser effort, and most importantly, are becoming more and more user friendly. Without actually taking space on your phone, Instant Apps can provide you with the same great features that other app formats offer. Especially, for low-end devices, Instant Apps are a boon because they work on minimal power and work without actually being installed.

Some of the best features of Instant Apps are being listed here that prove why Instant Apps are the future of mobile apps:

Ease of Accessibility:

Instant Apps are more useful, and easy to access with Android apps allowing users to experience the app without actually downloading it. This means that the end user can have features of an app as quickly as they click on a link to open a mobile web page. This makes it one of the fastest ways of using a smartphone, which has always been the goal of mobile app developers.

Customer Retention:

Instant Apps are one of the best ways to test an app before launching the native or hybrid of it. Only when the users will the app compelling enough, they would go for the native version, which is sort of a more detailed version of the app. Also, Instant Apps eliminate the concept of retention rate, which is often crucial in the case of native apps. One can use instant apps and once they close it, the instant app is gone till the next time they would need it. And because people can use the app whenever they want, without actually installing it; they will keep coming back for the app, as opposed to thinking twice because of the performance and storage space aspects of the app.

Save storage space:

The USP of Instant Apps is quite apparent: the space it takes on your smartphone. One of the biggest issues with Android is that the apps installed on it keep expanding and take up much more storage than what their developers mention on the play store, who are certainly not concealing the truth. Instant Apps have tackled this nature of Android apps by remarkably reducing the space they take on your phone, most of which is only temporary cache. This means the app are on your internal storage only till they are being used. This feature is specifically useful for low-end and budget devices, as Google is already focusing on increasing performance in such phones.

User experience :

The best thing about Instant Apps is that they do not compromise on the functionality and provide the user with the same great experience they have with native or hybrid apps. However, in terms of visuals, Instant Apps do have an inferior finish for obvious reasons. But then the functionality, which is slightly different from native apps, has been reshaped and made complete in its own way.


Instant apps have a great scope in the coming years because of their unique characteristic of not using internal storage. But then the question that stays is that whether these apps would be able to keep with the pace of changing technology, as we have complex technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT coming up in a couple of years. And to see how Instant Apps would match up with these technologies would be interesting. 


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