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How Search engine optimization helps to improve your business

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website, web page, blog, app description, or basically anything on the web in the form of content, to make it more visible on the web. The physical significance of SEO is that it increases your reach on the web, getting you more customers and leads, thereby boosting your sales. 

Why is SEO important?
Competition in the digital world has gone insane by now and is bound to increase even more. Simply putting out your content on the web is not enough to survive the heat in the market. These days around, SEO has become a subset of mobile app development. SEO personnel work in close co-ordination with app developers to use relevant keywords in the app, app descriptions and more content-based elements of the mobile apps as well. It is thus important to use certain techniques such as keywords, in-bound and out-bound links, social media integration etc. 

If you are not among the top ten on Google Search, reaching your goals is as good as dead. The purpose of SEO is to get your content among the top results so that your website is what reaches first to the users, before your competitors. 

Other than that, SEO is not just a technical thing. It also improves the quality of content and adorns the content with keywords that readers like to see when reading about something specific, thereby making it more readable and pro domain.

In terms of reach, SEO is also a very dynamic tool to keep you up and about on social media. These days the definition of social media has broadened, and encompasses more platforms than ever to be optimized, among which one is social media which is quite wide in itself. The best thing about social media is that you only have to configure your content according to only one of those platforms, and if your content is good, you can see your content trending on other social platforms as well. 

SEO can put you ahead of the competition, if two are more websites are selling same products in online store and if your website has a proper SEO-oriented framework, you can easily beat your competitors. 

How to do Search Engine Optimization for your website:

Website Analysis 
Site Auditing 
Keyword Research 
Competitor Analysis 
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO
Google Webmaster Guidelines 
Google Analytics 

Website analysis:
Before going for website SEO, you need to check your website performance, speed, user experience, user interface, content and more. Fix all the issues and loopholes in your pre-existing content, broken links, spelling errors, sentence construction, and whichever shortcomings you can find.

Site Auditing: 
Site auditing is the one of the most important tactics before going for SEO. By using different kinds of site auditing tools, you can find your existing SEO score, and figure out errors in your website, and also receive suggestions for the same.

Keyword Research:
Keyword Research is an SEO activity that involves identifying popular words and phrases people use in search engines. By carrying out a keyword research prior to start writing the content, a marketer can understand what the trending searches for a particular topic are and how tough the competition is if you use the same keyword.  

On-page SEO:
On-page optimization refers to what rank your website would achieve in organic search queries. On-page optimization works through coding which you can write from scratch or use pre-written codes that are available on the web. Some of the on-page optimization tools that most of the SEO analysts and experts currently use include actual HTML code, Meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density, ALT tags, canonicalization URLS, content, robot.txt, sitemap submission etc.

Off-page SEO:
Off-page optimization is a process that involves all processes external to the website that can affect its search engine reach and results. It is a series of different processes that are directly or indirectly performed on external websites with the intent to optimize it for search engines. Examples social bookmarking, guest posting, social media optimization etc.

Google Webmaster Guidelines:
Before doing SEO you need read about webmaster guidelines for search engines. By following search engine webmaster guidelines, your website will get more traffic and shoot up in terms of ranking. There are two ways in which you can use Google Webmaster guidelines; one is black hat and another one is white hat.    

Google Analytics: 
Google Analytics is a tool owned by Google that can help you a lot in tracking your website’s performance. With Google Analytics, which is a freemium, you can check website traffic, bounce rate, rate of conversion, keywords performance etc. Mobile app development companies like Google can now build mobile app-based analytics tool for tracking website performance. And because of this increased accessibility, it is easier than ever to use analytics tool.

SEO is the much needed technique every business needs in order to stand out among competitors. But then, in order keep reaping the benefits of SEO, one will always have to catch up with the latest trends, keywords, and much more that belongs from the digital world. This important because Google keeps changing its search algorithms according to what people are constantly adding to the server database. 



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